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Easy-to-use software for schools and universities

Everything you need to run, manage and grow your higher education and training institute.


Leading colleges and universities use Vonza schools


Vonza Schools is a complete education software solution for schools, universities, training institutions and colleges to streamline and automate their operations. Easily host your degrees, courses, run live sessions, collect fees, and more. This university management system software is designed specifically for all kinds of small and large universities and colleges. Our Enterprise Resource Planning solution support schools and universities to build, manage, and extend their digital and physical campuses.

Vonza Schools Education ERP Software is for every type of organization to manage operations easily and efficiently. Everything you need to run your education business under one roof.

How Vonza manages your school?

All-in-one website builder

Show off your outstanding education institute website powered by Vonza Schools. Your website connects everything about your school in one simple and powerful place.

Learning academy

Academic operations simplified. Efficiently manage courses, students and lectures for the educational institute with the click of a button. Engage and empower your students on a platform designed for their success.

Integrated apps

Simplify and succeed with the Vonza all-in-one suite. Everything you’ll need for your educational and training institution from creating degrees to online courses, e-commerce store, appointment scheduling, admissions, SMS text messaging, funnels, webinars, forms, email marketing and beyond in one place.

Admission system & CRM

Vonza Schools manages all the stages in the admission process. The Admission feature takes the hassle out of enrolling new students. Students can fill out application form and pay application fee right from your website and be automatically added into a proprietary CRM system so that prospects don’t get lost and are followed up.

Financial management

Collect admission fees, tuition, levies and more. Get paid faster and easier with a simple and seamless integration with Stripe. From recurring subscriptions to one-time payment plans to one-click upsells, Vonza Schools does it all.

Live classes

Seamlessly create, manage and host high quality live teachings video stream, webinars and trainings on our platform. Provide a top-notch experience for your students.

What is a University Management Software?


A University management software empowers your school to perform at its best with integrated management, teaching and learning tools all-in-one place. Create a student-centric learner experience that drives revenue with the Vonza Schools platform. Support an online, remote, on-campus, or hybrid team using our comprehensive all-in-one platform for schools and universities. Vonza Schools helps you to put real dollars back into your academic operations budget and at the same time saving your team from tech frustrations.

Vonza school features

Vonza Schools brings your whole education institution operations and outcomes into one simple and powerful platform so your team can focus on your student’s success and bottom-line. Join institutions that use Vonza Schools to run their institution on the cloud. Enjoy a streamlined and paperless administration, automated alerts and reports.


Student portal

Comprehensive student dashboard, profile Lead tacking from initial contact to enrollment. The student database includes all basic information and always in sync with their school classes and activities. Student access to degree, courses, store, grades, payments, attendance, and schedules.


Parental portal

One of the most powerful features of Vonza Schools is the parent portal. You can easily turn on and off the customizable parent portal that enables parents to be connected to their student’s classroom and teachers 24 hours a day. This feature keeps parents involved and actively participating in their student’s education.


Admin portal

Data-driven insights that drive innovation, growth and problem-solving with your organization. Have a 40,000 ft. view of your institution, manage, schedule and empower your staff, team and students to greater heights. It’s all possible with Vonza Schools.


Faculty & human resources

Manage your entire team in one place. Implement your own faculty module and connect your LMS to manage coursework, media and other content.



All your data is safely kept and secure in the cloud and is available to you at any time. You don’t need to build and maintain an expensive and complex IT infrastructure. We handle all the technical stuff including system monitoring, backups, upgrades, business continuity and disaster recovery. You just focus on growing your institution while we handle the rest.


3rd party integrations

Vonza Schools connects to some of the top best-in-class software in marketing, learning management, financial aid and accounting. Our APIs and custom integrations will keep all your data in sync and accessible in real-time.

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