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10 Reasons To Choose Vonza As Your Shopify Alternative

Shopify is an incredibly popular eCommerce platform and it works. Yet, there are some unavoidable drawbacks to Shopify. In accordance with Shopify reviews, you will find that the platform has a couple of SEO issues and it’s great for product pages but not for blog pages. Shopify pursues a store-first approach that you being an experienced webmaster can find annoying. Therefore, exploring a viable Shopify alternative to create and manage your online store is definitely a smart move.


Top 10 No Brainer Reasons to Choose Vonza As Shopify Alternative

As one of the best Shopify alternatives, Vonza can fill the gaps that Shopify has left unattended. Vonza offers the same services as that of Shopify, but it has got a lot more to offer that will undoubtedly prove to be worth buying. So, have a look at the top 10 reasons to choose Vonza as your Shopify alternative.

The top reasons that will surely compel you to switch from Shopify to Vonza are as follows:


Vonza- Perfect and Ideal Online Store Platform

Vonza is one such platform that will allow you to build your online eCommerce store with any tech skills easily. With Vonza all in one platform, you can sell digital and physical products domestically and internationally with ease. It is a perfect and ideal online store platform that covers the best and more advanced features to help you grow your business.


Excellent CMS

As we all know; content marketing is a fantastic medium for marketing for eCommerce stores. With perfect content marketing, you can not only grow your brand, but you can also boost organic traffic. The CMS of Shopify does not allow business owners to publish rich content, but with Vonza, you will be offered excellent CMS that will enable you to publish quality and rich content like vlogs, blogs, etc.


Scalability- Future Ready

eCommerce solutions like Shopify are perfect for small businesses considering their modest expectations regarding profits and sales. An online store built on Shopify will face scalability issues in the long run. On the other hand, Vonza is such a great platform that will allow your online store to witness future-ready scalability. Even when your transactions and customer volumes will start increasing, Vonza will still work to offer excellent scalability services seamlessly.


Enhanced Customer Support

Customer support service is one of the most important things that affect the quality and reputation of the platform. Every platform must offer its customers easy contact options so that they can be reached immediately without any problem. In terms of customer support, Vonza is an excellent platform as it offers responsive 24/7 chat, call, and email support to all its customers.


No Transactional Fee Involved

Another quality feature of an excellent online store platform is that it must not involve any transactional fee. If we talk about Shopify, you cannot avoid transaction fees if you will use a third-party payment gateway, but this is not the case with Vonza. With Vonza, no transactional fee is involved in the case of using third party payment gateways.


Comprehensive Product Search and Filtering

Vonza is an ideal online store platform where you will find the most efficient search mechanism. In fact, the majority of users operating on the Vonza platform are very contented with the comprehensive product search and filtering that is not supported by Shopify. So, if you want an efficient search mechanism, then Vonza will surely prove to be the best.


Perfectly Designed for Mobiles

In today’s smart tech world, smartphones are the most used devices, and therefore everyone wants to use everything on their mobile phones. This calls for the need for a mobile-responsive platform. Vonza is a 100% mobile responsive platform that will work seamlessly and smoothly on your smartphones without any glitch or hand, which is not possible with Shopify because Shopify is not 100% mobile responsive. It always shows some issues while using it on mobile phones. Therefore, if you want a platform that works smoothly, even on mobile phones, then Vonza will surely win your interest.


Advanced Email Marketing Functionality

For the growth of your business, Email marketing must function appropriately. Shopify offers email marketing services, but their services are not up to the mark. Vonza wins over Shopify in this term as well. With Vonza, you can easily use customizable email templates like welcome email or abandoned cart to connect with your customers.


Improved SEO and Site Stats

Though Shopify offers good SEO and site stats services to all its clients, their services are not as best as Vonza. Vonza optimizes your site for SEO to help the search engines discover you. The analytics tool of Vonza will help you to track the site performance as well. Additionally, you can further enhance your store with partners from their app center. This feature of Vonza makes it stand out from all its competitors.


Replaces 16+ More Tools and Platforms

In today’s competitive world, you, as a business owner or an entrepreneur, might rely on multiple platforms to take your business to the next best level. But with Vonza, you no longer need to use various platforms for getting your work done because Vonza replaces 16+ tools like WordPress, ClickFunnels, and Samcart, etc., and offers you everything under a single roof. This makes Vonza the best Shopify alternative.

Vonza vs Shopify comparison chart

Don’t just take our word for it, we've made a Shopify vs. Vonza comparison to show you which is better for ecommerce.

Pricing (Lowest Plan)
All-in-One Platform
Customize Dashboard
Online Store
SMS Text
Digital Products
Membership Sites
Website Builder
Live Notifications
Phone Support across all plans
Sales Funnels
Drip Functionality
Sell Downloads
Unlimited Students
School Management System Software
Form Builder
Unlimited Emails
Appointment Scheduler
Free Migrations
Analytics & Reporting
Email Marketing
Order Management
Paid Events
No Transaction Fees
Forever Free Plan
Affiliate Partnership Program on all Plans
Simple Ease of Use
Payment Processor - Stripe, Visa, MasterCard, AmeX, PayPal

The Bottom Line

Here you come down to the bottom line of Vonza and Shopify comparison. It all goes straight without saying that Vonza is a perfect Shopify alternative if you are looking for an excellent online store platform.

Undoubtedly, Vonza has better and more advanced features than that of Shopify, and this is the main reason why you should switch from Shopify and choose Vonza. From enhanced customer support to improved SEO and Stats, Vonza will surely prove to be the best replacement in place of Shopify! So, without having any second thought, switch to Vonza and experience the best of what a perfect online store platform has got to offer you!

Are you ready to take your online business to the next level?