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Membership sites made easy

Vonza gives you everything you need to create and build your online community and membership site fast. All features included. It's simple to set up and no integrations or tech is necessary.

Everything you need for memberships is all in one place

There’s no need for a separate membership site platform to connect to your subscriptions, automation, payment, and content; Vonza has it all built-in. Your online courses, memberships, products, email, sales funnels, and your entire online business all in one place.

The #1 membership management software

Vonza is the #1 membership management software. Vonza membership platform is an easy-to-use platform that gives you everything you need to build, market, and sell your own profitable membership site. Empower your members to collaborate together through memberships.

Grow your online community and profitability

Want to give your clients a greater experience with you within a community? Finally, the platform you’ve always needed to build and scale your knowledge business and membership site. Get every tool you need to build, market, and sell your knowledge — all in one place.

There are many ways to connect with your clients and your community. One of the most powerful ways is through membership sites. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can takeyour ideas, strategies, content, and experience of into a membership portal. Our system gives you the opportunity to continue to help your clients grow using your methods and techniques. Upload your own content in digital or physical form.

How to Create a membership website that makes money and impact?

Create membership sites that create an impact on your members. Create an exclusive subscription-based community with content to serve your audience. Here are some features below to help you create a membership that makes money and impact.

Membership Features

Member-driven online courses

Create, host, and make available exclusive online courses to your members. Your members will learn more quickly, unlock growth and reach greater heights of unlimited potentials. Upload and offer an unlimited amount of content to an unlimited amount of members.

Recurring revenue

Our membership platform makes it easy for you to monetize your content and community through weekly, monthly and annual subscriptions.

Online community

Make it easy for your community members to network, collaborate, and do life together within the safe community space. With membership built-in tools such as direct messaging, discussion threads, commenting, and peer mentorship, our collaboration platform encourages your members to connect and engage around your initiatives.

Custom branding & personalized domain

Use our vibrant membership website builder to build from scratch or customize a pre-designed template. Create a beautiful and customized experience with your own domain name and your unique brand across your membership site.

Private group

Vonza membership private group goes beyond Facebook groups. Post gated content, images, videos to your community. Your students can post and create content, comment and ask questions. Empower your members to collaborate together.

Membership tiers

Create one or multiple membership tiers, levels, or groupings based on price or content access that are used to classify individual memberships.

Membership database

All your membership data is stored safely in the cloud, allowing you to easily search, update, and share your database with teammates from any device.


Easily create automation around your membership. We make it seamless and simple for you to customize and automate your membership processes, tiers, and automate renewals.

Sell your memberships

Our integrated platform allows for you to offer your membership content and grants your members access at any time via a wide range of various payment options.

Simplicity of use

Vonza’s platform is easy to use and allows you to offer your membership content in various formats including PDF, video, MP4, ebooks, slideshows, recordings, and the like.

SEO & site stats

Vonza optimizes your course platform to cause search engines to discover you. Our analytics tools help you keep track of site performance and your members who are engaging in the membership.


Accept payments using Stripe. The fully integrated shopping cart and automatic tax calculator make checkout easier for you and them.

Message your members

When you want to email or message one or all of your members, our platform makes it easy for you to do that. Automate email confirmations and reminders. Personalize every email automatically with the drag and drop email editor. Choose from dozens of email and newsletter templates.

Share products feature

Make it stress-free and simple for your members to share your products on social media channels thus increasing visibility and sales.

Easy to use, all-in-one platform

Focus your energy on serving clients with a reliable platform. Automate and simplify your membership with Vonza. Vonza gives you more tools than membership. Run your entire online business with 12+ tools all in one place. You never have to buy or integrate another platform.

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